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Frequently Asked Question!

How does the safety stirrups work?

Safety Stirrups are manufactured from Aerospace graded aluminium with a quick-release hinged branch which is activated via a UV resistant O-ring and acts as a "break-away" in the event of a fall.

The branch profile is situated 2cm above the tread to ensure the foot cannot slip out, however, when put under maximum pressure in the event of a fall, the catch arm releases, allowing the foot to come out of the stirrup, preventing the foot to get stuck.

Our safety stirrups are designed with a simple mechanical system in mind, alleviating the problem of dirt getting trapped in the release mechanism. This also means less maintenance required. 

How do I clean my stirrups?

Simply use hot water, scrubbing brush and dishwashing liquid. Rinse properly afterwards and let dry.

Can you customise my stirrups?

Yes, we have a selection of colours you can choose from.

Can we service you stirrups?

Yes, we can service your TG Stirrups. It's recommended to do so yearly. If you would like to change the colour or any damage like scratches, we can make them new again.

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